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BUON GIORNO A TUTTI !!!! Come a fianco illustrato Vi sottopongo alla Vostra cortese attenzione la mail inviata dall'amministrazione Administrator Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency Bene, di seguito  si illustra il commento inviato a seguito il problema denunciato: (riporto lettera  a fianco) Hi, everyone -- This past Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed national limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants for the first time. Since then, folks across the country -- on editorial boards, in classrooms, on front porches -- have been weighing in on why this is so important. And with that in mind, here's something I want to make clear: We’re already experiencing the effects of climate change today -- but don't just think about this proposed rule in terms of the country we're living in right now. Think about the one we and our children are going to be living in by 2030. Thanks to these limits, that country will have a 30 percent reduction in carbon pollution from the power sector. It will also have 25 percent less smog and soot, meaning children will have an estimated 150,000 fewer asthma attacks each year -- and they'll miss an estimated 180,000 fewer days of school. Americans across the board will have up to 3,300 fewer heart attacks a year. And now that the rule has been proposed, you can participate in the process. Right now, we're accepting comments from the public about the proposed power plant rule. So if you've got something to say, you can submit a public comment here. And if you want to get some more details about why this is good for the environment and public health -- or spread the word about why it's a big deal -- you can take a look at this infographic, and then pass it on. Right now, we're in the process of developing the policies that will keep our planet clean and our kids healthy for years to come. You can participate in that process right now. So if you've got a comment, you can make it here. Thanks, Administrator Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency This email was  COMMENTO DI RISPOSTA INVIATO il  07/06/14 ora 10-01-28 (autore Donzello Vincenzo -Top Gum) Spettabile Administrator Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency Purtroppo da molto tempo , sto tentando di sensibilizzare l'opinione pubblica e le amministrazioni mondiali ,sul problema dell'inquinamento ambientale ,proponendo il mio progetto denominato LA CITTA' DI SOPRAVVIVENZA come unica soluzione di risoluzione a livello radicale al problema da voi citato (inquinamento ambientale. Tale progetto prevede, il totale cambiamento delle odierne citta' mediante la demolizione di tutte le strutture edili compiute sino ad oggi in sostituzione delle nuove ,seguendo il chiaro e semplice sistema di costruzione descritto nel modello di citta'denonominato LA CITTA' DI SOPRAVVIVENZA presente  a questo indirizzo: Quindi come spiegato e proposto nei precedenti contatti con la CASA BIANCA e al caro PRESIDENTE OBAMA non vedo altra soluzione per risolvere questo problema, se non agendo a livello radicale , cioè ricostruendo di nuovo le citta' sul modello della CITTA' DI SOPRAVVIVENZA . Il problema va risolto alla radice, non è possibile togliere l'inquinamento quando si ha bisogno dell'automobile per andare a lavorare. Un caro saluto a tutti voi un operaio Donzello Vincenzo (TRADUZIONE con Google) Dear Administrator Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency Unfortunately, for a long time, I'm trying to raise awareness and governments worldwide, to the problem of environmental pollution, proposing my project called THE CITY 'OF SURVIVAL as the only solution to the root level of resolution to the problem you mentioned (pollution environmental. This plan provides for the total change in today's cities' through the demolition of all building structures made up to now in place new, following the clear and simple system of construction described in the model citta'denonominato THE CITY 'OF SOPRAVVIVENZApresente at this address: So as proposed and explained in previous dealings with the WHITE HOUSE and dear PRESIDENT OBAMA I see no other solution to solve this problem, if not acting at the root level, ie rebuilding of new cities 'on the model of CITY' OF SURVIVAL. The problem must be solved at the root, it is not possible to remove the pollution when running in need of a car to go to work. Greetings to you all a worker Vincenzo Donzello ( conferma ricezione commento  da  EPA  United States Environmental Protection Agency!!) Home Learn the Issues Science & Technology Laws & Regulations About EPA Secondary menu Español 中文: 繁體版 中文: 简体版 Tiếng Việt 한국어 EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency Search Search Main menu Learn the Issues Air Chemicals and Toxics Climate ChangeClimate Change Emergencies Greener Living Health and Safety Land and Cleanup Pesticides Waste Water Science & Technology Air Climate Change Ecosystems Health Land, Waste and Cleanup Pesticides Substances and Toxics Sustainable Practices Water Laws & Regulations By Business Sector By Topic Compliance Enforcement Laws and Executive Orders Policy and Guidance Regulations About EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Current Leadership Organization Chart Staff Directory Planning, Budget and Results Jobs and Internships Headquarters Offices Regional Offices Labs and Research Centers Carbon Pollution StandardsYou are here: EPA Home » Carbon Pollution Standards » Comment on the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule Comment on the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule Thank you for submitting your comments on the Clean Power Plan proposed rule. 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